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Registration Plate Dealers

Sell it through a dealer

Using a dealer is usually less hassle - they'll manage the advertising, buyer negotiation and paperwork for you.

It might be prudent to choose a dealer who is a member of the RMI CNDA – the Retail Motor Industry Federation Cherished Numbers Dealers Association – have a look at the front page of for a list of active members. Also check out MIRAD -

Cherished Number Dealers Association; The Institute of Registration Agents and Dealers

Also check out company reviews on Review Centre - - not all companies are listed on here however.

The dealer will (within reason) allow you to name your price for the plate, as their primary motive is to get your plate on their website. This will then allow prospective customers to find your registration and potentially make an offer. You’ll already have a good feel for its value from reading this guide.

Discuss with the dealers the incentives for using them as a sole agent and weigh this up against the limited exposure you will get from having your registration listed on only one website.

Don’t forget that whether you advertise your plate privately or with a dealer, the whole process from enquiry to sale may take a few days or several months. Some plates that are priced too high or are unattractive can remain unsold for years.

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Please note: At the end of 2013 all 39 local DVLA offices closed and the DVLA transferred all dealings to its national centre at Swansea. If your vehicle was registered before the end of 2013 then the street view map shown on the car registration page will point to the original office despite the fact that the office has closed.