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Investment Value Of Number Plates

Registration Plates As Investments

Consider how much money some number plates have made over time. I haven't specifically put high value or high margin plates in the table below – just the first six that I found that were able to be historically checked.

The 2012 selling price column values are based on the vendor selling price and not what the plates may or may not eventually sell for. They will probably sell for a little less than this price.

Table 1: Assumed values and APRs of a random selection of plates
Plate Historical Price Sale Price Annual % Rate (APR)
1 ROB £12,000 in 1994 £95,000 in 2012 18.00%
BMW 320A £775 in 2002 £1,745 in 2012 8.45%
PET 33S £1,300 in 2011 £5,395 in 2012 315.00%
4 TVR £2,200 in 1993 £17,985 in 2012 11.69%
1 MNT £9,700 in 2007 £29,995 in 2012 25.33%
BAR 111E £2,200 in 2005 £19,995 in 2012 37.06%
Average APR of all above: 69.26%

The average APR is 69.26%. Even without the very high value on line three (PET 335, 315%) taken into account, the average APR for the other five plates is still 20.11% - very much a very healthy return when you consider what the banks and property are currently offering as investment platforms.

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